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Summer holidays are nearly over yippee!!!

Kids will shortly be returning to school, college or uni, and life will soon start to get back to normal! my grocery bill will start to shrink again, as will the electric bill as the lesser spotted teenager will be returning to his wild habitat and once again abandon his temporary nest. He will no doubt leave behind a trail of empty milk cartons and sweet wrappers as well as dirty T-Shirts and socks. The midnight raids on food stores will diminish and peace will once again reign. (If you didn’t do this in a David Attenborough voice-over, try again with the voice lol).

It makes me reflect that the year is winding down towards Autumn when the leaves change, as does life. I remember once traipsing to work with a heavy heart once again dreading the day ahead, nauseous with dread and fear as the boss would be visiting and no doubt nothing would be good enough again. I almost let that job break me, it wore me down so badly that I was losing myself! I would cry on the way to work, actually throw up from the car park to the office, and started having panic attacks where I couldn’t breathe! My eureka moment came around this time of year when I had back to back operations on my hands, they did a Carpel Tunnel widening on one hand, then when that was healed, they then did the other. After 12 weeks off, I couldn’t cope with returning to work, resigned and after a few weeks of unemployment started to panic! I ended up signing up with an agency and working in a whole new field which saved me from a complete nervous breakdown. It’s nuts how badly your workplace can impact on your personal life.

What I wish I knew then, I now know, and I am passionate about helping others in the same position that I found myself in, and I want to help them avoid the painful loss of confidence and impact on their mental health by helping them be proactive in changing their career or workplace in their own timescales. My mission is to ensure that you enjoy work, and get the rewards associated with being successful in your field. Imagine waking up each day, looking forward to going to work, knowing that you are good at what you do, and that you are rewarded well for doing what you love – how cool would that be?

I have some limited spaces available on my next ½ day workshop which would start you on this journey, click on the link below to have a look at what is on offer! In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine while its still here, and get those woollies ready, it won’t be long!


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