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How did I get here???

OMG, I have finally got started on building my dream and launching it to the masses! I have spent the last 5 years working on myself to get past trauma's from Domestic abuse, workplace bullying and generally being a worn down doormat who couldn't say no and was a complete people pleaser. I would like to think that after a lot of blood, sweat and tears I am the new improved Kick-Ass version of me! I am pretty sure that those who know me well would say I have gotten bolshy! (Normally when they don't like me disagreeing with them)

Now I am on a mission to share the knowledge of how to overcome challenges and build confidence to the masses, some scoff, some dismiss, and some just shake their heads - but funny as it may be if I danced around the lounge in my underwear, I value your mental health far too highly and I don't want to traumatise you all for life, so I have not done that. Instead, I built a website, built a training course, took the training course and now finally launched, although not in quite such a nice neat logical order....

Today I spent the morning at an achievement day at my son's college, he wasn't well enough to go, but I was so proud of these kids that are overcoming their own demons to move forwards in their education and ultimately their future careers. What it really drove home was how far they had come from when they first started, how hard the parents had had to fight to get them enrolled, and how much of a family they had created on their own. They formed their own cheer squad, making sure that everyone felt special, acknowledging positives in everyone and how important it is to surround yourself with people that only wish the best for you. Life is hard enough without friends and family pulling you down, if they do, you have a choice, let yourself break free and swim alone, choosing your tribe along the way or submit and drown in the negativity. I know my choice, do you???

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