Jenni Rock - Who is she???

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Jenni is a single parent to a wonderful teenage boy (debatable on the wonderful sometimes!) one dog who thinks that we are supposed to be her servants, and 2 cats who obviously think they are in charge. All of these creatures, including the teen seem to think that Jenni is their very own private property, which is constantly addressed!.

Jenni started her career journey in Banking, finishing that career as  Senior Manager having held a number of high profile and prestigious roles over a 20 year period.


Once Jenni decided to leave banking to find a less pressured career, she stumbled into a role working for a Waste Management company, swiftly rising through the ranks  to become the first Female Depot Manager the company had ever employed, followed by further promotions ending her time there as Head Of Procurement reporting to the Chief Executive.


During her career she overcame many challenges including juggling a work life balance as a single parent, breaking through barriers to be taken seriously as a female in a male dominated environment. Smashing stereotypes, and proving her abilities to be as good as if not better than her male counterparts. Facing redundancy 3 years ago, Jenni has been crafting her expertise following a very messy divorce to be able to help others overcome similar challenges in a light hearted and fun way, and not feel as though they are being punished for their natural inclinations. She has a warm and engaging manner, drawing people into her inner circle with ease and making  each person feel as though they can achieve whatever they set their mind to do. She has a firm belief that Positivity is the best way to learn, and helps others achieve their dreams using positive reinforcement techniques.

To achieve her goal of helping others, Jenni has completed a variety of training courses and self development programmes and is a lifelong student of her mentor who is a leading International Transformational Coach, highly sought after and incredibly talented. This gives Jenni an edge over competitors in the field as she constantly has personal access to material and techniques that she can use to help her clients transform more swiftly and effectively with lifelong impact. It is fair to say that should you be accepted as a client by Jenni your life as you know it will change!!! 


She is a Certified Mastery Coach, empowering professional women divorcing and currently going through hell to finally restore their confidence and self-esteem, rebuilding their lives without staying stuck in trauma and patterns of their broken marriage by applying a core methodology specifically used in Mastery Coaching…

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